Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey with the family

We were able to gather all of the local family and some remote members for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to Julie and I, we had Julie's mom, my mom, my dad and his wife, my aunt and uncle and my cousin.

Chef Julie put on the meal with a lot of help from the mom's. It was wonderful! The surprise for the meal was going to pick up the 13 pound turkey and the six pound turkey breast, only to discover that they had a ten pound breast for us. That was one well endowed bird! More leftovers for all of us!

Martha (my aunt) and Joan (Julie's mom) chatting it up.

Sara (my cousin), Julie (wife, of course) and Sam (my uncle).

Not to be left out, Colleen brought the dogs for a play date with Jasper. Hard to tell the size differences from this angle, but the are very cute together. From the left: Sedona, who was recently rescued from the Chatam County shelter, Zoey, and Jasper. He's always easy to spot with his white paw and red ball.

It was great getting to have the family all together. I think this is what makes Thanksgiving special.
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