Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lots of visits with friends:
  • Lunch with Wayne Riley (from IBM) who I haven't seen in about a decade
  • A weekend visit from Jim and Kathy Covaleski. They came down from DC and hung with us for what turned out to be lovely weather.
  • A quick visit from Tim and Jenny Huntley and their incredibly cute little boys.
  • Tongiht, a weekend visit from Liz Hervatic. She was coming in from Santa Monica for something else, but is staying with us.
  • Dinner tomorrow with John and Patty Steigerwald
  • Football game on Saturday with Liz and my college roommate Darrell

On Sunday I am supposed to go run the Old Reliable 10k race. I had been training quite happily for a few weeks when some form of old age and stupidity got in the way. I had been so careful to avoid my old problems with my knees. Instead, I get some strained/sprained/tight muscle deep in my right calf. Looks like between massage, staying off it, Ibuprofen, and ice, I am ready to run again. Just the same, it stinks to lose a week of running when I was so poorly prepared any way.

Here is a picture of the last time I ran this race. I had a leg injury, so I couldn't run it competitively. Instead, I dressed in a grandma Halloween outfit and a pair of steel-toed hiking boots. I still managed to finish in something around 7:30 miles. Ah, to be young again.

The cane seemed appropriate. If you double click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see my knee brace sticking out from under my gown.

If you are wondering, no, this isn't a race that people get dressed up for. It was pretty much just 3,000 people in running singlets, and me.
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