Thursday, March 25, 2010

A busy day being a Park City host

The day starts with me as the meeter and greeter at the lower ticket window. It can be fun meeting people from all over, but as you can see, getting a good parking spot early in the morning wasn't an issue. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bored, I wander over to the First Time lift, where a lift operator was busy adding finishing touches to her newly crafted American snow flag.

Now I start finding interesting patterns in the snow.

Yep, still bored, but enjoying all the patterns.

Do you like going off jumps in the terrain parks? Take a look at these on King's Crown. Use the five story building for perspective.

The day is shaping up nicely. Sunny, highs in the mid 40's. Excellent spring skiing. Now that I am up on the mountain, I can try a few bump runs.

But spring weather isn't always kind to the snow. Blue Slip Bowl, which gets a lot of direct sun, is becoming Poo Slip Bowl. The kinder alternative is Blue Slop Bowl.

But now the fun begins! It is time for our annual host picture. Almost a miracle, all 15 Wednesday hosts are here, as well as two of our leaders.

You have to know the names of the runs at Park City to fully understand the humor, but we each became one for the picture. Alison dressed as the previously mentioned Blue Slip Bowl. She and Cindy did all the work to pull this together.

Sherry is Sunrise. After all the picture taking, she just skied off in this outfit.

Bill, our boss, is King Con.

Here we have Manette as Hot Spot and JR as Temptation.

And finally, the group picture we were working on. Cindy dressed at Silver Queen. Gabe was Lucky Boy. I am in the back as the Tycoon run, flashing big wads of money.

Seems a lot less like work when you get to have fun doing it.
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