Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kicking off the golf season

We are now up around 25 years in a row for our annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach. The players have changed some over the years, but the core group remains the same.

This year we had a last minute cancellation by Dave Allred, who has been with us for over 20 years. For some reason, doing his job well seemed to be a priority when unemployment is still at 10%. Mark Pozefsky was kind enough to brave the cold (anything below 80 for Mark) and take Dave's spot.

From left to right: Jim Saunders, Mark Reid, Mark Pozefsky, John Steigerwald, Darrell Baber, Lewis Petree and Jason Shive.

Mark proved to be our best golfer. Darrell beat him the first day, but after that, Mark ruled. However, when handicaps were applied, Jim Saunders kicked everyone's butt in our first round of betting. Notice Mark's nice relaxed form.

Of course, I am still a terrible golfer, but that just doesn't matter. Every time we pick two foursomes and compete for dinner, my group wins. Can't explain it. We have tried picking groups in numerous ways. This year it was those who watched the ACC tournament in a bar versus those who watched from our house. The alcoholics won.

Here we have a picture of Steig finishing his swing. I hope that's a baseball bat in his hand. If so, looks like a great follow through.

Weather had a lot of potential to dampen the trip's enthusiasm. The first day, we got caught in some rain and finished pretty wet. After that, it was kind enough to rain at night and let us have nice, 60 degree weather for the daily golf. Very considerate. Those same storms tracked up the east coast and hammered the Northeast, causing flooding and leaving 500,000 people without power.

I couldn't resist getting this picture. What do you call a clump of turtles? A herd? A gaggle? There must have been something special about sunning in this one spot. I can remember this hole as having a 15 foot birdie putt, then a 4 foot par putt, then an 18 inch boogie putt. I made that one.

It was another nice golf trip. Fun to see friends. Fun to see grass instead of snow. Fun to stop by and see my Uncle Sam, Aunt Martha and cousin Sara. If I could only manage all that without embarrassing myself on the golf course so much.
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