Sunday, April 11, 2010

The end of the ski year

Yesterday was my last day of the season doing the Mountain Host job and almost certainly my last day of skiing. Park City is still open for another week, but Deer Valley and The Canyons close today. Even with the monster snows last week, the return to spring temperatures makes the snow pretty crappy to ski on. Last night is one of the first this year where the night's lows did not get below freezing. That means a sloppy snow hill.

Thanks to Bill Benson and the team leaders for putting together a great barbecue on the mountain for everyone's last week. They dug a giant hole for the grill, complete with a table and bench seating. These are the Saturday hosts. I was working as a sub with them yesterday.

And after the last run down the hill, we all hit the roller coaster. It was actually more fun than I thought but I'm not sure I would ever do it if it wasn't free for the employees.

The snow held up well for the year, but it was definitely a low year. Even with the big snow falls last week, we only got to 303 inches, about 85% of our norm. That's enough to keep us out of any major drought status.

Now it is time to put the skis away, wash all the ski clothing (seems like tons) and prepare for the spring mud season.
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