Monday, April 19, 2010

End of the year party at Park City

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, a perfect end to PCMR's season. The last day is always a bit of a party on the mountain and it moves slowly to the parking lot during the afternoon.

At the base, they set up a little version of a pond for pond skimming.

Of course the guys love seeing the bikini-clad ladies.

... and the miniskirts

We were in the parking lot as the ski patrollers did their last push down the mountain. All of a sudden we hear a crowd of about 100 skiers and boarders come screaming over the hill, cheering the very last run of the year. I didn't catch them coming down, but you can see them all gathered at the bottom of the half pipe.

An hour after the runs closed, I would guess there were still 500 people in the parking lot. They ranged from little groups like this...

to big groups like ours. The Mountain Hosts had about fifty people feasting from several grills.

It was a very nice way to end an injury-free season.
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