Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More snow?

I know this is getting repetitious so I will keep it short. Last night Park City got another 24" of snow.

Most of us have never seen April skiing like this before. I thought Sunday was awesome (it was). Today was even better. Heading into the trees meant thigh deep powder. It was gorgeous! I had my camera but it was cloudy and still snowing, so I didn't even try.

The snow was so big over at Alta and Snowbird, the resorts stayed closed all day. It is called an Intralodge shutdown. The avalanche danger is high and they are blasting everywhere, so they don't let you out of the buildings. You can't ski. You can't drive anywhere (the road is also closed). All you do is look outside at the huge piles of powder and wish you were over at Park City skiing!
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