Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paint day at the FOA Ranch

Back to the construction site for the Friends of Animals Rescue and Rehab Ranch. This was "paint day". They got donations of paint from local paint stores. Now it was time for volunteers to come paint walls.

Of course, in Park City, you can always expect the odd occurrences. From the highway on my trip to Brown's Canyon, I saw two hot air balloons. No big surprise.

Of course they stopped traffic on the highway by dragging this one across to get it closer to their trailer. The customers are still enjoying the fairly low ride in the basket.

At least this one landed further from the highway.

Everything going on the walls now is primer, so it makes for an interesting mix of colors. Pretty much, anything goes. This is the FOA's Executive Director, Cathy King, painting in the wiring closet. That mass coming out of the walls is all the Cat5 and coax that Julie and I pulled.

Here we have a volunteer who got to play on the scissor lift. Notice the lovely mix of colors.

One of the keys to building the new facility is getting donations and figuring out how to make the most of them. This area is filled with donated cabinets, appliances, and other odds and ends.

One of the nicest donations was a double oven, 60" Viking stove and cooktop. These cost many, many thousands of dollars. Kitty is giving it a thorough cleaning.

Although I went to be "paint man", I was assigned the job of "door man". My first task was unstacking a pallet of very heavy donated doors. Quite the mix. The trick is to find enough that match that are either the right size, or can be trimmed down.

Mark Huber is the builder for the Rescue Ranch. He and I spent the morning configuring the jigs for routing the exact spots for hinges and drilling holes for door knobs.

It was a good learning experience for me and I was at least slightly useful.

Our finished work was one, correctly hung door.

Actually, it was using the one door as out final test for all the measurements, setup, jigs and such that should now make the next doors much, much simpler and quicker.

The Ranch is still on track for a grand opening in June. It is really taking shape!
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