Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flowers from the yard

This time of year there are still lots of flowers blooming. We get such a late start with summer. One interesting thing is how the colors transition. Back in June and July, most of the flowers seemed patriotic: red, white or blue. As fall comes around, almost all the flowers are the fall colors, like yellows, oranges and reds. Interesting. I wandered out with the camera to capture some of the interesting ones on our front hill (which is all wildflowers).

Because it wasn't a fall color, this one stood out. It's actually very small.

We have these by the hundreds. They seem to be on the border between attractive flower and spreading weed.

A little more color. Wish I had more of these.

And the rabbit bush is gorgeous this time of year. Lots of big yellow, spikey blooms. Is spikey a word?

A close-up of one of the flower heads.

Nothing spectacular, but lots of pretty things to look at. I'm glad my wildflower hillside is really beginning to take. It is a fight to "let it grow" but to keep most of the noxious weeds out. With our nasty soil and tough weather, Mother Nature and Evolution have combined to make some incredibly fast spreading, deep rooted weeds.
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