Monday, August 02, 2010

Look! An ugly dog!

Our dog Jasper is a very handsome dog.

I'm not sure why this big dog was in our driveway this afternoon.

Or hanging out at the condo's hot tub?

OK, maybe just a baby moose instead of an ugly dog. Miriam (friend and neighbor) shouted from her deck to ours that there were moose next to our house. Sure enough, mom and the little one were up at our condo's hot tub. They headed down the hill, munching aspens as they went. Then Junior took a giant leap off the stone wall, with a nudge from mom.

Off to the next place. For those of you who have been to our house, this is our driveway.

Mom checked out the next leap off a retaining wall, but that would have been too much, especially for the little one.

So, they headed off along the driveway to hitchhike along April Mountain Dr.

Junior looks back to say goodbye, but mom has already wandered off.

One last curious "goodbye" from both of them before heading on down the hill.

Life in Park City. Go figure....
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