Friday, August 20, 2010

Weather rampage

One difference between living in NC and Utah becomes apparent when you listen to the daily weather. It isn't unusual in Raleigh to have a series of summer storms drop 3 or 4 inches of rain in a day. Salt Lake doesn't get but about 2 inches all summer long. Life in a desert.

Yesterday Salt Lake City got 1.3" of rain in about an hour. Most of that came down in 15 minutes. Imagine getting over a month's worth of rain in 15 minutes. No, the drainage systems can't handle it.

The scariest thing is that it actually snowed at the highest elevations, in August. Yes, it melts off very quickly, but August? On our side of the Wasatch mountain chain, we didn't see any snow, so no pictures. Hoping I won't be able to get any for a few more months.
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