Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glorious snow!

We had a very snowy start the ski year in November and December, which put down a great base of snow. Then January and early February were dry, with some very warm days, and even a bit of rain. Finally, we are back in the swing of things again. We've had five feet of snow since February 17th, ten days ago.

It's always nice to cover the brown yucky snow with fresh white powder.

However, big snows mean big snow blowing on the driveway. Here is my pile of work with the 60 pound reference dog.

After an hour and half or so, I had cleared most of it. I'm not sure what to do with whats left. You can see how high and how far the snow blower has to throw the snow, again with the reference dog. It manages to throw powder that far, but not any of the heavier snow.

The roof will be well insulated for some time to come. I thought about trying to get Jasper on the roof but decided it wasn't worth it.

And finally, another Where's Waldog?

It has been great for the skiers and wonderful for our tourism-based town. Yeah snow!
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