Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a nasty day on the mountain, but I had to work as a Mountain Host. We only opened five lifts for the day. The rest were closed because of the high winds. Up at Jupiter Peak, the gusts were over 60 mph all day, and they peaked at almost 80. At about 2:00, the first wave or precip moved in, coming down as sleet. Imagine sleet being nudged along with a 40-50 mph wind. They had closed the everything but the bottom lift by 3:00 and we were happy to get off the hill.

Then we have today. Decent temperatures. Blue skies. Just a slight breeze. And most important, 8" of new snow. Julie and I got out early and got to start on runs like this. New snow, nearly untracked. This is how God meant skiing to be.

I officially hate my little Panasonic ZS3 camera when it comes to taking action shots, but I managed to get a few decent ones. Next powder day I need to bring my D300 out.

Notice the pile of snow Julie is pushing up as she makes her turn. These are the joys of skiing Utah powder!

We didn't ski that long because my right knee has been giving me some pain. We did get in a great morning though.

Back to ice and Ibuprofen.
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