Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A wedding in DC

Julie and I went to our nation's capital this past weekend to attend the wedding of Bill and Loris Benson's daughter Shannon. We got to stay with our friends the Covaleski's at their condo in Old Town in Alexandria. What a great location!

We spent Friday and part of Saturday getting some exercise, seeing Old Town and just hanging out enjoying the 75 degree sunny weather.  We were very lucky on timing the weather.  DC had been getting a lot of cold rain during the past month and Park City got snow on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Here we have Kathy, Julie and Jim about to hit the wedding. Living in Park City, we rarely find an opportunity to get dressed up. People go to the fanciest restaurants in boots, jeans and a fleece.
The wedding was held at the Hay-Adams hotel in the middle of DC.  The wedding was on the 9th floor and here was the view.  We were right across the street from the White House, looking at the earthquake-damaged Washington Memorial, back to the Jefferson Memorial, and on to the Potomac River.  Not too shabby!
Dave and Shannon, the groom and bride. 
Julie and I at the wedding.  I so rarely end up with pictures of us together, because I frequently have the camera. My tan is from spending the previous week outdoors in Grand Teton.
It is easiest to do these out of order.  On the right is Bill Benson, father of the bride and very close friend from Park City.  On the left is his son Seth.  In between is Seth's girlfriend Ericka.  They recently moved from Manhattan to Denver and are now enjoying the mountain life.
Jim and Kathy dancing out on the balcony.  You can barely make out the White House behind Jim.  I wonder if our band was keeping the Obama's awake.
A bevy of beauties.
And we end with a full-length shot of my beautiful wife.  It's nice to have such wonderful arm candy.
Great weather. Great friends. A fun wedding in a gorgeous setting. Now I am back in Park City looking up at the snow on the mountain tops, remembering how much nicer walks are in the 70 degree weather.

Thanks to Bill and Loris for letting us share in such an important part of their lives.
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