Thursday, June 07, 2012

Laura Smale's Graduation

Julie and I took off to Hillsboro Oregon to visit with Julie's sister and her family.  The big event for the weekend was watching Laura graduate from St Mary's Academy in Portland.
Laura is the second in the family to graduate from St Mary's and there is one more (Jacky) who has three years to go.
The ceremony was very impressive.  Several of the graduating seniors spoke and all of them were entertaining, interesting, and impressive.

In August, she will be heading down to the University of Tampa, a private school that is surprisingly enough, located in Tampa Florida. I am not sure there are any schools that are further from Hillsboro.
Here we have some of the spectators.  Three generations:  Jacky, her grandmother Joan, and her Aunt Julie.  Are the newer generations getting taller or do we shrink as we get older?
... and the three sisters (Jacky, Laura and Kelly)
On Monday, everyone was heading back to work and school, so Julie and I left for two days at the beach.  I'll post those pictures later.
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