Monday, June 18, 2012


We all have days like this, don't we?
This is Vidalia, one of the two mascots and greeters at Silver Star Ski and Sport's.  I got down on the floor to take her picture and she really couldn't be bothered to lift her head.

Vidalia lounges around inside the store and then wanders out onto the plaza to visit the Silver Star Cafe, where her expertise is mooching french fries off the ground.  Her collar says "Please Do Not Feed" in big bold letters.

Vidalia's sidekick is a French Bulldog named Tullulah.  She greeted me by sniffing my hand and snorting like a little pig.  She even has her own Facebook page. I like the quote from the Silver Star web site:  "You may think they are growling at you, but more than likely, it is snoring or just trying to breathe!"

Just adding a little more character to Bark City Park City.
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