Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A pair of hawks

When picking up my new eye glasses, I went looking for some Sandhill Crane colts to take some photos.  No luck finding them, but I did have my camera mounted with the 500mm lens.  As I was nearing home, I saw two Red Tailed Hawks fighting over some big piece of dead something. I pulled over and got a few shots before they flew off.

This one has the chunk of bunny or squirrel (my best guess).
This one was the frustrated loser, at least so far.  
I still have more to master with my camera.  I tend to leave it in a fairly generic state so that if something happens quickly, I can just point and shoot.  This was close, but is another example of why humans are smarter than the camera's brain. To catch these hawks crisply, you need to be shooting around 1/1000th of a second or faster.  Otherwise their motion blurs in the picture.  My camera generically chose to do 1/400th to get a higher f-stop, which I didn't need.  By the time I manually adjusted it, they were too far off for a shot.

Fast decisions and fast camera settings can be the difference between a keeper, and these, which I use as interesting lessons and then they hit the Junk folder.  Thoughtful practice, and then more practice....
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