Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lydia's Birthday Party

Our friend Lydia has a birthday party every year. It's a big affair, held in a ballroom at a local hotel.  To make it more interesting, they are costume parties.  Last year was Disco.  This year was an attempt to combine dressing up with being someone famous.

Julie and I went over to the Egyptian Theater on Main Street.They have hundreds of costumes for their productions and you can rent them inexpensively.  We looked at a bunch of things but decided to go as James Bond and one of the Bond girls. My martini glass and our toy guns aren't shown in this photo.
Dancing is a big part of the party.  This was a decent attempt at getting people doing the Electric Slide.  In addition to Julie, you can see Colonel Sanders, Hugh Hefner (in red), two polygamist sister-wives and some others.
Our favorite was the Pope.  The costume was great and he was having a blast.  Here he is dancing with "Jennifer Lopez".

Lydia does a great job with the party and people seem to really enjoy getting dressed up.  This is just about a perfect spring time version of Halloween.

Park City people:  if you ever need a costume and haven't been to the Egyptian, you should!  What a fun time.

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