Friday, March 15, 2013

The Remenants of our Old Ski Group

We don't have much of our old ski group gathering any more.  Between people moving, marrying, divorcing, and growing older (both kids to adults and adults to older, less pliable adults), we just don't get together.  This week is about as close as we come.  John Walker and Mark Nickels are here skiing with us.
Today we went out to Deer Valley.  It was quite warm and sunny, much more like spring than the end of winter.  To enjoy the skiing, you have to master the art of finding the snow as it goes from firm to soft, but before it turns slushy.  Of course, a nice lunch on the deck of Royal Street makes everything just fine!

John took a nice one of Julie and I.  AS you can see, we are always difficult to lose track of on the mountain.  Nothing like optic pink pants for her and god-awful ugly green pants for me.
We have a few more days of skiing together and hopefully the weather will cool off and perhaps even give us a bit of snow.
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