Friday, March 29, 2013

Norm and Ginny come to town

Norman and Ginny Andrews stopped by for a few days on their way to Colorado for some skiing.  Last year they came out to our bad snow pack, but managed to bring a 13" snow storm and a NC State Wolfpack NCAA win along with them.  This year the snow was a bit better, but they left all their mojo at home.  No fresh snow and the Wolfpack lost in the first round.
While skiing the first day, I mentioned to them that of all the people we ski with locally and all the friends that come to visit, they were the very last two that skied without helmets.  I wasn't going to badger them about it, but they showed some interest and started asking questions.  Two days later, they had both found helmets at local stores, one 40% off and one 50% off.  It pays to shop at the end of the season.

If you have ever skied with Norman, you know he is always in a red knit hat that has faded to look a bit orange.  It makes him very easy to spot when we are following him around the slopes of Meribel.  It wouldn't do for him to have a common helmet.  Almost all are black, white or grey.  He managed to find a Giro Seam (also my choice in helmets) in red.  Perhaps even more fitting, it is that orangish red that his hat had evolved to.
So, congrats to both Norm and Ginny for joining the safer skiing club.  I hope it never matters.  Of course, as a bit of coincidence, a local Park City friend spent last night at the University hospital neuro center.  He was skiing, took a big fall, and had a bit of blood on the brain so they kept him overnight.  Helmets can save lives!

And to help me remember when they come back to visit again, we have now gone to Bistro 412 twice.
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