Monday, March 18, 2013

The Value of American Express

One of the sales points of owning and using an AmEx card is that they provide an extended warranty.  They double your normal product warranty, up to an additional year.  I knew about this but have never used it before.

This past month, my iPhone screen started to get ugly.  I can still read things, but it is clearly messed up.  The iStore people said the only solution was to trade it in.  Unfortunately, I am in the phone "no man's land".  I am past the one year warranty, but still a good long ways from the end of my two year Verizon contract. So, the cost to me to get a replacement would be $199.  Ouch.

Then I remembered that we got our phones with an AmEx card.  I gave them a call and provided all the info about the purchase (where, when, cost, serial number, ....).  She said I would hear back in 2-3 business days.  Sure enough, in one day they sent an email saying my claim was approved and I would get a credit of the full price of the phone.

If you have an AmEx card, use it on important purchases you you get this coverage!!  If you don't have one, consider it.  What an incredible benefit and the speed and ease of making the claim were better than I could have ever expected.
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