Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween, but no party

We aren't doing an official Halloween party this year.  It just wasn't worth the costume hassles when we are heading to Mexico early tomorrow.  That doesn't mean we lack for entertainment.

We started on Tuesday with a trip to Salt Lake City. We had a group of 15, all around our age, who went to Red Iguana for drinks and dinner and then went over to the Nightmare on 13th haunted house. It's been decades since I went through a haunted house, and it was small and boring compared to this.  The building was huge and wall-to-wall with different scary themed rooms.  The actors, sets and automation were all great.  It took us over an hour to get through it.  Fortunately, none of us elderly clients suffered heart attacks while we were inside. I told some people at Rotary we were going and they asked how old our kids were. I guess the correct answer would have been "50's and 60's".

Tonight it was the annual Halloween party on Park City's Main Street.  The kids come early for trick or treating from the businesses, but the real entertainment is the "dog parade".  It's really more of a dog mob.

We didn't think we were going to be able to attend this year's festivities, so Jasper's costume was a last minute (but half price) purchase.  The picture doesn't show it well, but he was a cute little pumpkin.
You can see him a little better in this shot with two little zebras.  Why buy a costume when you can just paint your dogs?
This was one of my favorite people costumes.  Simple, but very clever. It doesn't make sense unless you've seen Magritte's famous painting.
These three kids in white were hanging out in the alley for hours, never saying a word.  They were pretty cool looking and drew a lot of attention.
Lord knows there was a lot of butt sniffing.  In this case it appears to be a donkey sniffing a pumpkin's butt.
I am certain that if the dogs could have a vote, they would not have picked some of their costumes.
This is our friend Manette (who was with us for the haunted house).  She is struggling to keep her little "Poop Factory" in line.  Nice homemade costume!
I really like it when the humans and dogs go together.  This female pirate had two little dog pirates in tow.
This was the Yeti family.  Momma and Poppa are obvious.  The baby is a little dog that couldn't have weighed more than 5 pounds soaking wet. He had to be carried at all times or would have easily been squashed.
From left to right: farmer, duck, sheep and cow.  Very nice!
I like the costumes, but I couldn't figure out what the big furry monster had to do with his little football dog.
And we will end with this ad for Levi's button-fly jeans, much to the dismay of Levi's. What a great look.
Back home and packing for our first trip to Mexico.  You would think that with both of us having visited dozens of countries around the world, at least one of us would have ventured into Mexico.  Nope!

To make things better, the lows for Park City on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are all forecast down in the teens.  Brrrr.....
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