Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lots of catching up

I am way behind on my blogging.  Nothing quite like a trip to throw me off (prep, travel, and then catch up).

I was driving over to our storage unit and noticed something odd outside the old Summit Honda building.  It is now the headquarters and manufacturing site for RAMP Sports.  They make skis and snowboards and have quickly become an important player here in Park City.

In front of their building was a big pile of scraps from their production processes.  Why throw all this crap out in front of your building?
To use as parts for the giant sculpture monster of course!  I'm not sure exactly what he is supposed to be, but I seem to remember hearing something about a Yeti. Whatever he is, he's big.
One more little event before our trip.  Every year the men's golf league ends their season with a best ball tournament called Da Monster.  It is a serious tournament, but with some really weird challenges.  They set up the course to be as hard as possible with the tee boxes back behind the blacks so every hole is very long, but they also tuck them behind trees and bushes, giving you only the narrowest hope of a shot. They also cut all the holes on the steepest part of the greens.  This means that if you ball doesn't quite drop in the hole, it will probably roll 10 - 15 feet back down the hill, giving you a miserable next shot.

Here's Rob Schumacher (golf teammate and builder of our house) in the snow on the 5th tee box.
Our foursome did pretty well, given that we didn't have any low handicap players, but we finished just out of the money.
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