Friday, October 04, 2013

My favorite fall days

I just love it when it snows and the fall colors are in full bloom.  The maple trees were a big disappointment this fall.  They went from green straight to an ugly brown.  The aspens took a different path and are now in various shades of blazing yellow.
Up at Guardsman Pass, Jasper and I were romping in the snow shooting tree photos when he noticed a moose.  It actually turned out to be two young bulls and two cows. I put Jasper back in the truck, drove a few hundred yards and started shooting.
The moose were hanging out in the road, licking the salt.  After a few minutes, a car approached from Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It took them a while, but they finally decided the car wasn't going to leave, so they took off up the hill.
Another photographer had been standing about 50 feet above me.  Three of the moose decided the easiest path was right past him.  He took a few photos, but he certainly didn't make any quick moves.  That's a lot closer than I would want to be when you have two bulls during the rut.
The fourth moose had been lagging behind and took a different path.  She walked right past me and then right past the truck.  Jasper was in the truck with both back windows down.  He watched the moose walk by and never made a peep.  What a great photography assistant!
These are just pretty foliage.

I love when you get some interesting trees with dark storm clouds as a backdrop.
Later in the day I was driving past the Catholic church when I noticed horses in the field, with a backdrop of aspens.
I like this transition.  Starting from the front, white + brown = mottled white and brown.

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