Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transitioning from Fall to Winter

The snows we got about a month ago aren't that unusual.  It snows.  It's pretty for a day or so.  Then everything other than the highest, north facing slopes quickly melts off. This snow may be the real thing, forming the base for the ski season.

It is hard to believe that Saturday and Sunday were both in the mid 60's with brilliant sunshine, making it feel like the high 70's.  Today?  Four inches of snow at the house and a bit more is supposed to fall over the next day or so.
The ski resorts are happy to see the white stuff falling.  I was surprised to hear that PCMR had their snow cannons running this morning.  I guess they have to grab the cold weather any chance they get this time of year.

Of course no one is happier about the snow than Jasper.  He played and played until my arm got sore from throwing snowballs.
Our neighbor Hannah came over yesterday to spend some time cooking dinner with Julie.  She and Julie each made a pizza (from scratch) and then Hannah added one more mini-pizza.
Julie's holding up the one she made.  Hannah's is the one in the foreground that's already cut.  They did great work and I played my important role of "Chief Consumer".
Meanwhile, down the street the race continues: Sally and Monty's house versus the snow.  For a while the house was winning.  The weather was wonderful and progress was rapid.  Now they are waiting for trusses for the roof.  There's so much building going on that everything tends to get backed up.  We're all hoping they make a lot of progress before the big storms start rolling in. Once you get a roof on and doors and windows in place, construction can proceed throughout the winter.
We are going to throw our monkey wrench into the whole winter transition by heading to Cabo San Lucas on Friday.  Staying at the beach with highs in the upper 80s.  Bye snow!
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