Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excellent customer support

I bitch publicly when I get bad service, so it is only fair that I give credit to companies that do well.

I have a Canon SD890 pocket camera and it had a hangup with the lens opening at power-up. I went to Canon's web site to see what service headaches I would have to go through. I entered my model and purchase date. From there, it was easy:
  1. "You are in the warranty period. Print this form out and mail your camera to the address listed."
  2. I mailed the camera
  3. Quickly got a confirmation e-mail: "we got the camera you mailed"
  4. Next day, got an e-mail: "your camera is definitely broken and definitely under warranty"
  5. Next day, got an e-mail: "your camera has been fixed"
  6. Next day, got an e-mail: "here is your express tracking number"
I have the camera and all is good. A big "thanks" to Canon for making it so incredibly easy and then for doing such an awesome job of keeping me informed of progress. Also, for doing it so quickly.

Steve's advice: when shopping for cameras, always comparison shop, but then give Canon some bonus points for customer service.

This is my third Canon pocket camera and Julie has another one.
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