Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow shoeing over at Solitude

Rob Schumacher (our builder) got a crowd of people together for a field trip over to Big Cottonwood Canyon for snow shoeing. Big Cottonwood has the Solitude and Brighton ski areas. We had perfect conditions: recent snow, but a bright sunny day.

You start at the Nordic Center up at Brighton and head off across a frozen lake.

Spectacular views everywhere!

... and the snow was deep.

From left to right: Julie, Lisa, Theresa, Candy, Carol, Loris, Rob, Jim, Ron, Chris and Bill.

Beautiful women everywhere! Loris Benson.

My wife, Julie Joyce

Rob's wife, Theresa Schumacher.

Rob grabbed the camera and got one of me trudging out of the woods.

We went down to the Solitude resort for lunch. While waiting, we saw some guys with a rough job. They were shoveling a huge pile of snow off a steep roof. Fortunately they were attached with a rope. We didn't see them fall, but they did drop a good sized shovel to the sidewalk below.

An awesome day. Thanks to Rob for setting this up!

One last shot that you have to double click on to see the detail. In this canyon, people drive up, strap on their skis and hike up the mountain, all just to get one run. I guess if you are going to that much work, you might as well do it perfect. The tracks down this face are all gorgeous, nearly perfect, consistent turns. Wish I could do that!

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