Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fluffy new snow

A normal snow in Park City tends to be very dry and fluffy and the storm brings some wind. That means good skiing, but the snow doesn't stick to the trees. This last storm was a little wetter and there was no wind at all.

Here is our house with all the Gambel Oaks in the open space behind us. These oaks are scraggly scrub oaks and normally look pretty ugly.

Looking up the mountain behind us, you can see all the Gambel Oaks and the one big evergreen. I keep trying to figure out how to decorate it with Christmas lights, but I haven't got a good answer for 800 feet of extension cords. It will look great when I finally get it figured out.

A view of downtown Park City and Park City Mountain Resort.

Another round of Where's Waldog, your chance to hunt for the hiding Jasper. First, the easier one.

This one is just a tiny bit harder.

He really does seem to enjoy posing for these.

A gorgeous day in the neighborhood.
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