Friday, January 08, 2010

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Being a gadget-aholic, I really need to go to this mega-huge event some year. Vegas is only a 6 hour drive from here. I watch a lot of the interesting stuff at Engadget but so much of it is repetition (another new phone, laptop, TV, ...)

The two little items that caught my interest were:
  • SD cards (the little card that goes in lots of cameras) are now up as high as 64G. This means you can cram about 5,000 photos on one little card. There are announcements saying that 1TB SD cards will be shipping at the end of the year. Think about that. These little cards are much smaller than a credit card, yet will hold way more than most laptop hard drives.
  • Skinny new TVs are getting skinnier. The screens on the new high-end Samsung LED TVs are about 1/4" thick. At the same time they get so skinny, they actually attach directly to the Internet and can watch streamed movies direct from Netflix (no extra box involved). Soon you really will just hang them on the wall in a picture frame.
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