Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures I wish I caught

When I was driving home from Bryce Canyon, I saw lots of interesting photo opportunities. However, I haven't mastered slamming the brakes without a wreck, sliding the car to face the right direction, powering down the window and grabbing a quick shot. Here were a few interesting things I saw as I drove:
  • I saw a parade of cows. It appears they were at the top of the field when the leader cow decided to meander to the bottom. Two or three followed him closely. Another 10 were 50 feet behind. Every other cow in the field was saying "oops, were moving", and beginning to file in. It looked extremely coordinated.
  • Two horses napping in a field. There was apparently a big compost pile. Compost gives off heat as it "cooks", so it was the only place with no snow. The horses were laying down, sprawled on the side of the little hill, grabbing some rays.
  • I drove down the a winding road in the middle of nowhere. Every half mile there was another Cattle Crossing sign. Finally, as I got to the turnoff for I-15, I saw one lone cow in the middle of a huge field. This one guy seemed to merit quite a bit of signage.
  • As I turned off I-15 in Provo, I saw about 100 wild turkeys on the hillside. I almost slammed on the brakes, but decided that it wasn't worth a car up the butt.
I just need a fast camera and a chauffeur.
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