Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally, some snow

After weeks of nothing but flurries, we finally got a good storm last night. As of 6:00 this morning, Deer Valley had reported 11" and Park City reported 7". Between then an noon, it snowed another good 5", giving us roughly a foot.

The snow was a bit heavy. A foot of heavy snow can be tough to ski in if you aren't careful. The wetter snow will do a better job of fixing our base than a foot of dry fluffy Utah powder.

Even though it is right after the Martin Luther King holiday, the resort was fairly empty. This is Powder Keg, one of my favorite runs. I had it completely to myself.

I think everyone was happy with the new snow except some maintenance guy over at PCMR. Apparently the snow melt system for the plaza wasn't working, so they ended up with piles of snow, ice and slush where everyone was walking. Oops.

Now the sun has come out. Tonight they can groom all this in to make a more respectable base. They we are supposed to get a good amount of snow Thursday through Saturday.
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