Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funky clouds make a pretty day

I was up at PCMR doing my Mountain Host job yesterday. It has snowed about 2 feet over the past few days and some little stormlets were rolling through during the day. When it wasn't snowing, the play between the sun and the clouds was really interesting.

It was hard to capture the contrasts with my little pocket camera, a bright sun, and not moving from my job at the map.

Still pretty though.

And here is a late one I forgot was on my camera. A week ago Julie and I took a history tour around Park City ski resort. It was given by Hal Compton, who is the head researcher at the PC History Museum. Interesting to keep learning more about the rich history of the town.

Which leads to today's adventure. Weather permitting, I get to go over and actually venture deep, deep into one of the actual mining tunnels. This is a really rare opportunity because all the tunnels are either sealed or very tightly controlled.
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