Sunday, January 24, 2010


Jasper and I decided to take a walk down to Main Street to hang with with the PIBs. PIBs are the very common People In Black of Sundance.

This is normal for Sundance on Main Street. Parking is all blocked off. An SUV is trying to turn around in the street. People are walking in the middle of the road. Just general confusion.

Lines of traffic. Police blockades.

Six inch deep slush.

Snow blowers mounted on Bobcats, spewing snow and slush.

But given all this yuck, everyone seemed to be having a grand time. Jasper got a lot of love from passers by. People were shopping and looking for stars. Everyone seemed to be taking it all in stride.

Julie is doing her normal volunteer work for Sundance at the Eccles theater. She has already done two days and is doing her third as I type this entry. I haven't seen any movies yet and don't know how many I will catch. We didn't get a booklet of tickets this year, so it is a lot more effort to get in.
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