Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A bit of moose excitement

I know I have too many moose pictures on my blog, but I find them so interesting. They are such a powerful, majestic looking cow-things.

For people who have read the blog for a while, you might remember my Where's Wal-dog series. Here we have Where's Mr. Moose? Double-click on the picture if you can't see it.

Haven't found it yet? Seriously, there is a huge bull moose just inside the trees.

This gives you a little better hint.

If you didn't see it, he is halfway down and about three quarters of the way across.

So once he came out and ate some more tree, you can start to get a better view.

I was being very careful about the moose, as you don't want to surprise one and you absolutely never want to come between mom and her kids. I figured out that there was dad, mom, and a one-year old that's hidden in the trees. Dad only cared about mom.

After taking pictures for 10 or 15 minutes, I heard a noise behind me. I knew where they all were, so I was confused and a bit concerned. Perhaps just a hiker being noisy?

Nope. Out of no where, another bull comes out of the trees. This encouraged me to find a place as out of the way as possible, quickly. I did not want to be in between two bulls having a disagreement about who gets the lady.

The new entrant approached the group. I was really surprised that it didn't seem to have any effect. He was definitely smaller, so he either just wasn't a threat or perhaps he was related somehow.

I always thought that if I saw two bull moose this close, it would be a fight. Someone at CrossFit suggested that they might either be gay or bi. Not sure how that works with moose.

And we end with a couple of profiles of the individuals. These are always my favorites.

Notice how different the colors are and how they have different shaped beards.

Mom and the young one stayed back in the woods and I used a little judgment about going in to find them for a picture. My heart was still clicking along at a good pace from the second bull wandering in behind me.

As I hustled back to the house, I ran across a gorgeous red fox, but he scampered into the trees before I could snap a shot.
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