Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Park City Miner's Day Parade

The Miner's Day events in Park City are simple, but fun. It all starts with the Running of the Balls. You buy numbers, each of which is written on a golf ball. The money goes to the Huntsman Cancer Fund. The balls are all up in a cart at the top of Main Street.

Just like the running of the bulls, the first thing you see is the runners coming down the street.

Then a trickle of golf balls start rolling down the track.

The volume picks up and you see hundreds of balls.

Then the masses come rolling along. They had about 2,000 golf balls. At the bottom of the run, they collect into a track. The first ones down are the winners. I think the top prize was a season ski pass. None of our balls won.

The parade was surprisingly long, with lots of entries. However, not nearly as much thought or work went into the event as the big July 4th parade. Mostly it was just cars with signs on them, ....

or a motorcycle....

or people with dogs.

Crossfit Park City had a presence. It's a lot more work going down Main Street if you are flipping a giant tractor tire.

The parade was fun to watch. Nothing exciting but it was such a nice day. You had to be outside.
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