Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Carolina Way

For those who haven't been watching, the University of NC at Chapel Hill's football team is in deep trouble.  They appear to have cheated on tests and papers and taken gifts and money from pro agents.  The NCAA is hunting them down and punishments should be announced in October.  This would normally just be sad, but it has become quite entertaining.
  • Carolina always talks about "The Carolina Way". They have claimed how they cherish honor and integrity and it somehow makes them better.
  • The chancellor and coach have consistently denied any real problems.  They keep telling everyone "it will all be ok soon".
  • At every chance to come out with the truth, UNC fights it. There was a court order to release certain information and UNC appealed it, then appealed it again.  The info revealed that a handful of the involved football players had hundreds of parking tickets in a few years.  The tutor that was involved in the academic cheating had paid for some of the tickets.  Some of the cars appear to be from a car dealer who is now in jail.  One car had three different plates in one day. 
I'm an NC State fan, so I practice and teach the ABC's:  Anybody But Carolina.  This is almost too much to ask for.

So now that UNC appears to have abandoned any form of integrity in dealing with all these football issues, someone decided to just go ahead auction The Carolina Way off on eBay.  Might as well.  They aren't using it any more.  The product category is "Reputation".

Right now it is up to $3.25.
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