Saturday, July 30, 2011

Running Progress - Week 7

Well, this is it.  If the training isn't adequate yet, too damn bad.  I have one week before the race and I plan to make it a very light exercise week.  Light running.  Lots of stretching.

The weight is down to 170.  Not where I had hoped, but about as good as I could expect.  No matter how far I run or what I eat, I always have a spare tire around my waist.  It's just smaller now. That little tire has twice the fat of every other fat cell on my body combined. 

I went to do a hard hill climb on Sunday and it was a disaster.  I wasn't in it physically or mentally.  Very depressing so close to the race. Fortunately I went through the week with a nice 11 mile run up through the mountains (2300 vertical) and a 16 mile run today on flatter ground.  Both were further and a good bit faster than anything I had been doing. 

Now I just have to hope I did enough....
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