Monday, July 25, 2011

An evening on the water tower

One greatly underutilized location for relaxing is the water tower down the hill from us. Most of the tank is buried, so you only have to climb about eight feet of ladder to get to the top. The top is concrete and flat, like a giant patio.

Last night we went to watch the sunset with the Benson clan. Bill and Loris's daughter Shannon was visiting from DC. She was accompanied by her fiance' Dave. It was Dave's first visit to Park City, so they had him going everywhere and doing everything.  The young couple is arranging an October wedding in DC.

Notice that the water tower looks down on Main Street in Park City.  It really is a gorgeous view.  We didn't get much of a colorful sunset last night, but that's ok.  It means that the pollution stayed down in the Salt Lake valley.
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