Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roundup at Red Ledges golf tournament

Friends of Animals Utah held their second annual golf tournament yesterday and it was a spectacular success.  Any time you have so many moving parts to coordinate, something is bound to go wrong.  Food, drink, registrations, scoring, volunteers, the course, weather, the golfers, the auctions, dinner, ... The list just keeps on going. Somehow the group managed to pull it all of without a hitch.  It was a great day and raised a lot ($30,000+) for FOAU.

I got to participate as a golfer (hacker) instead of working the event.  While some foursomes were full of real golfers, ours included handicaps of 18, 20, 22, and 28.  Not exactly a group of ringers.  However, we somehow managed to play completely beyond our skill set. 

The format was Best Ball, which means all four of you hit. You pick the best shot, then all four of you play from there.  On a hard golf course, at the end of 10 holes, we were eight under par and even had an eagle on a par 5.  We mostly played par golf from there, which was much more realistic.  We ended up with a 63.  They adjusted it for our handicap, and we had a net of 40!  In golf, 40 isn't even a real number.  The bad news is we came in second, to a 38.  The golf pros had never even heard of such a score. 

We ended up with a nice little trophy and a dozen golf balls each.  Of course, that barely replaces all the ones I whacked out into the hillside.  Lisa, the only woman on our team, won the longest drive and closest to the hole for the ladies.  She left with a new golf bag, some gift certificates and some other treasure. 

Great event!
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