Thursday, July 28, 2011

UNC Football is a disaster

The wheels are just coming off. As much as the UNC administration kept swearing that the worst was behind them and that everything would be OK, it has become a growing disaster.They fired coach Butch Davis yesterday, a week before practice and two days after he did the big football media day.  Their timing couldn't have been worse if they had tried.  Today the AD, Dick Baddour, quit.  Any other takers?

Credit for this wonderfully relevant cartoon goes to the web site StateFans Nation. They have done a fantastic job of covering UNC's lying, cheating and cover-ups over the past year.  Now we wait until October to see what penalties the NCAA decides to hand out. 

I feel sorry for the football players who were naive enough to trust UNC's "it will all be just fine".  I guess that's what you get for being gullible.  Welcome to the new and improved "Carolina Way".
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