Monday, August 08, 2011

Another Jupiter Peak runner

I drug my tired butt to CrossFit this morning and ran across another person who had run the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase.  This guy is much younger and stronger than I am, but he finished an hour behind me.  Do I feel better about my time?  No.  He decided that to make it more interesting he would do the whole thing with a 50 pound pack.  Now imagine running down steep hills. No, I was not able to get a good explanation of why he did what he did.

He mentioned having met a woman at the top of Jupiter who was asking whether it was normal to have chest pains.  He said no, and saw she was wearing a heart rate strap that talks to her GPS training watch.  He checked and her heart was beating at about 215-220. It turns out she was on a heart medication.  He ran to the next aid station and apparently they took her off by road to the hospital. 

My run was more boring than I thought.
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