Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Help with some bird identification

I posted some of my better photos from Antelope Island.  Now for a few that aren't very good, but they are either odd, or contain birds I can't identify.  You can double-click on any photo you want to see zoomed in.

This was fun to watch.  I'm not sure how they communicate the excitement, but a group of Ibis's (Ibi?) found some yummy food out in the lake.  They came from everywhere, piled in tight and joined the feeding frenzy.

I suck with hawks.  What is this one?  Here's a view from below.

And here's the same hawk from the top.  Notice the seriously white butt.

In the middle is a little wren.  He's far enough away that an id may be impossible.

One more view of him.

Grebe's of one form or another.  They were quite small.

A tall, long-nosed brown bird.

Oops.  I scared him off.

These were interesting.  Out of hundreds of photos, they only appeared in one.  Some serious eye brows.

Another Grebe?

When I am taking pictures, I simply don't take the time to use my binoculars or scope to figure out what everything is.

Any help?

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