Thursday, August 04, 2011

CrossFit Games

Once again, the owner of our CrossFit gym made it to the world CrossFit finals. Chris Spealer is an incredible athlete. He's the only person who has competed in all five CrossFit championships held so far.

Most of the people Chris competes with are in incredible shape (beyond incredible actually) and they tend to be a good bit bigger than Chris. Most seem to be 0% body fat, but 180 or 200 pounds. Chris weighs in around 140-145.

In some competitions like running or pull-ups, Chris's smaller size is either nuetral or an advantage. However some of the competitions involve lifting, or in this case, moving huge amounts of weight.

In this particular event, the competitors were doing handstand pushups, then pushing a sled, back to the pushups, keep looping...  The sled weighs about 100 pounds and those red plates are 55 pounds each.  That brings you to something like 470 pounds, for a 140 guy to push.

Most of the big competitors could grab the bars, push like hell, and get the sled moving, although slowly.  Chris tried and tried but was only getting a foot or so at a time.  Finally he got low, put his shoulders on the bars and his head on the weights and got it moving at a good clip.

Chris is always a fan favorite, but when they saw this happen, the crowd simply exploded.  It is truly inspiring to see someone accomplish what seems like it shouldn't be possible.  Out of 50 of the fittest people on the planet, Chris got 6th in this particular event. Unbelievable.

I have to start working out harder at CrossFit!

Oh, if you want to see anything more about the competition, go here.
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