Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A spectacular Halloween party

Julie and I got an invitation to a great Halloween party this year.  We new it was going to be special when we got the invitation.  It was a hand delivered box, with Halloween decorations and the invitation inside. It was clear that you had to put some thought into your costume and not just throw a sheet over your head.

Julie went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I'm bummed the the pictures all seemed to have left out her sparkly red shoes.  They made the costume.  If you can't read the basket, it is a note that says "Auntie Em:  Hate you.  Hate Kansas.  Taking the dog.  Dorothy."
We wanted our costumes to reflect our couple-ness.  What could I be?  The wizard?  The scarecrow? The lion?

Nope.  I was the tornado, complete with flying cows, pigs, trees, cars, and people. The structure was primarily a grey carpet from Home Depot. Some people got it right off.  Others struggled.  At least some thought I was a climbing wall.  Seems that even in such an outdoorsy place, they would figure out the cars and cows don't use climbing walls. Oh well.
Here is Julie with our hostess, Denise (left), and someone I don't know on the right.  Her costume was clever. She had little notes all over her that said things like "Really, I'm over 16", "officer that's not mine" and "Size does not matter".  She was dressed as Little White Lies.

Denise's house was decorated beyond belief.  As a tornado, I did a pretty crappy job of taking pictures.  My favorite thing was a broom that danced all around the room by itself.  It was actually riding around on a well-hidden Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.
Alison and Tomoko are friends from my host job at Park City.  They were dressed as Venetian Blinds.
Randy and Karen were driving me nuts.  I knew I knew them, but I could not figure out who they were.  They finally had to pull out the ugly false teeth for me to get a clue.
The Hugh Hefner character (with the pipe) is Rob Schumacher, who built our house.
Rob had his wife Theresa and a friend Lisa dressed as his matching bunnies. Here's Lisa.

Just more interesting costumes.  I was impressed that nobody took the easy way out and did something like "see my t-shirt, I'm a sports fan".
Mario (left) was on the Friends of Animals board with Julie and I.
And we end with an abstract photo called "Oops, the flash didn't go off".  Long exposures can be cool, even if it is by accident.

This was definitely one of the best thought out, most interesting Halloween parties I have gone to. 
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