Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Park City Halloween Dog Parade

Every year we head down to Main Street for the big Halloween dog parade.  It is definitely one of the things that makes Park City special.  Thousands of people turn out with hundreds of dogs.  It really isn't much of a parade.  More of a giant mingle.
We didn't do much of a costume for Jasper this year.  Julie found him a pumpkin outfit to wear.
Most of the stores give out candy to the kids.  All the kids and some of the adults get dressed up in pretty elaborate outfits.
This year seemed to have no shortage of tall people.
And another tall one...
The little kids are my favorites.  The two or three year olds are the most fun.
 Of course our favorite kid is our next door neighbor Hannah.  She's giving her dad Monty a big hug.
 A football player.  Around here, red means Utah University.
This giant dog was quite the reggae dude.
Some people took the easy way out and spray painted their dog.  I wonder how long that lasts.
And this years best costume was quite simple.  This little fur ball was a Chia Pet.  He was quite cute and just scurried along at his people's feet.
As we have lived here longer, we get to know more and more of the locals.  It's great when you can go to an event like this and see so many of your friends.
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