Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Down in Moab

I came down to Moab, Utah on Thursday to attend the Moab Photo Symposium.  It was a fairly small event, maybe 150 people, but was extremely well run.  On Saturday evening, Julie drove down with Jasper and Cosette and the entire Joyce family is spending a week here.

I've been shooting tons of pictures, but haven't had time to process many.  They will show up here over the next week or so.

Julie is wonderfully patient with my photography efforts.  Last night we headed up into Arches National Park for the sunset, even though it was cloudy, raining in spots, and the wind was blowing at 40+ mph.  Everywhere you looked was grey and very cloudy.
Except right here, in a tiny spot right on the horizon, which we managed to line up with Balanced Rock.  At least there was some little reward for our travels.

More of our travels as I get time.  Off to grab some breakfast.
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