Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moab - Animals

The animals in Moab? Quite frankly I don't think there are that many.  Even being out very early and very late, we still didn't see much beyond people's pet dogs and cats.

Well, except lizards. And we saw hundreds and hundreds of lizards. They didn't photograph well because with few exceptions, they took off running when they saw you approach.  This caused great turmoil between the hikers (us) and the dog (Jasper) who instinctively reacted to every running lizard with a desire to pursue. Our greatest fear was Jasper's lack of understanding of the protective system of cacti.
When you did get closer to a brave lizard, they would start doing this hilarious little dance to warn you off.  My best description would be disco-lizard-pushups.
This little creature must be the result of a caterpillar mating with a cactus.  Even though he was out in the open, no other animals seemed to bother him. Go figure.
No coyotes, rabbits or tortoises. No bears or mountain lion.  Just one rattlesnake in a bush at night, and he wasn't posing for a photo.  I would not suggest a trip to Moab for the wildlife.
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