Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Echo and Rockport Reservoirs

Jasper and I got up at 5:30 this morning to go visit some new photography areas.  The first, Echo Reservoir, was a complete bust.  It's pretty, but there was nothing to be seen, much less photographed.

As I left Echo to go back on I-80, I wandered behind a campground where I know there is a big eagle's nest.  No eagle, but I found a momma Killdeer with three little ones.  Where are the three?  Just watch this one.
He runs around to the front and then just climbs under mom.  This little guy must have had to do some pushing because I had already watched the first two climb under, one under each wing.  Aren't mom's great?
I also found this little Potgut, gnawing on some grass and weeds, but keeping a sharp eye on me.
At the Rockport Reservoir, there were quite a few Canadian Geese and many of the pairs had little goslings.  Since it's "goose", shouldn't it be "gooslings"?
 I have never seen such an organized species when it comes to child care.  Everywhere they went, it was one adult, followed by all the kids, followed by the other adult.  Everyone seemed to understand the rule and it was rarely violated.
 The funniest thing was when a hawk flew overhead. Someone in the back must have yelled "HAWK!!" because within a half second, the entire line was under water.
 This group of goslings seemed to be a few weeks older than most of the groups.
My favorite photos from the day were of this osprey.  I saw him posing in the early light as I went into the park.
Then I found him later with a half-eaten fish.  They aren't quite eagles, but they are magnificent just the same.
 I think this was the best shot.
And a teaser for what I hope I get soon. A Sandhill Crane, sitting on a nest. I am hoping she waits for me to return from Oregon before hatching her colts.
If I haven't mentioned it lately, I love, love, love my new 500mm lens!

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