Monday, October 29, 2012

Dropbox for Sharing

We all have become addicted to our digital devices: PCs, tablets, smart phones...  One of the challenges is sharing information between people or between your own devices. I have a suggestion: Dropbox.  It's free and it's very simple.
  • I have a PC, an iPad and an iPhone.  There isn't a ton of data that I really want available on all three, but the amount seems to be growing.  Documents. Letters. Photos.  All I have to do is drop a file in my Dropbox and it is suddenly available on all three devices. Change it from one and it changes at all three.
  • Sharing things between people can be painful.  How many times have you had to send multiple emails because the photos you wanted to send were "too big"?  Ever had problems saving a photo that came to you in an email? Just put all the things you want to share in a Dropbox folder and then decide who you want to have access to it.  You can also allow others to put things in your shared folder.
I've been using it happily for over a year.  If you go to Dropbox's web site, you can sign up and get 2 GB  of storage for free. However, if you click my referral link here, you get a bonus extra 500 MB and I do too.

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