Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy in Maryland

My mom lives in Crownsville, Maryland in an area that is full of old oak, walnut, and hickory trees.  When the wind blows hard, trees or huge branches come down and crush the powerlines, all of which are above ground.  Mom seems to lose power for 3-7 days in almost every major event.

Sandy was actually nice to my mom.  Looking at Baltimore Gas and Electric's outage web page, 345,000 customers lost power.  By some miracle, my mom wasn't among them.  Yeah!

Credit to BG&E. On Wednesday afternoon, only 36 hours after the storm ripped through, they have repaired service for over 300,000 of those customers.  Pretty impressive!

An updateSix hours later, now midnight in Maryland, and they are down to 20,000 customers left.
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